Friday, April 29, 2011

Sleep-over, Big Oxygen and Health South Rehab!

Well, yes it has been some time.  We had a sleepover with Rachael on Easter eve.  It was a blast.  We all stayed up too late.  We played a few sophomoric but harmless tricks on the staff and we all had lots of laughs .  Hanna slept part of the night with Rachael in her bed.  Nancy and I shared an air mattress.  When I awoke, Hanna was sleeping with me on the air mattress and Nancy was gone, finding rest in the visitors lounge.  Rachael, now that she moves more, made it a bit uncomfortable for Hanna to get a good night’s sleep.  We celebrated Easter with Rachael, had communion and then departed for church.  We rejoined with Rachael later in the day.

We have begun to notice activity on Rachael’s left side.  There are very subtle voluntary movements of her arm, more of her legs and feet.  Her speech continues to improve and she remains happy most of the time.  She reacts appropriately with her emotions.

She does not like being alone.  Pretty much every night she cries after we leave.  When someone from the staff then comes into the room, she calms down, the tears dry up and she has fun until they leave.   At our request they call us if she gets too sorrowful.

Nancy has been giving Rachael drops of coffee on a Qtip!  It is part of the morning routine now.  They have coffee together.  We know the day is not far off when Rachael  will be sipping from a cup.  Now don’t tell Susan, Rachael’s Speech Therapist, but tonight I was giving Rachael small bits of Orange Sherbet.  She enjoyed the first taste of anything aside from the coffee in almost 4 months.

Well, things are changing up in quick fashion.  Rachael is going to Health South Rehab on Monday, May 2.  We love Heartland, they are like a family.  Rachael and the rest of us are so comfortable here.  These people are in our hearts until the Lord takes us.  Health South has a higher level of opportunities for some of Rachael’s needs.  They are going to work on her muscle ‘tone’ or the parts that contract regularly.   It is time to move on for the next steps in her recovery.  These folks do not want to see her go but they agree it is what is best for her at this time.  She has made some tight bonds at Heartland.  This place is outstanding.

This week Rachael started Hyperbaric treatments.  What is that?  Wikipedia (not the most accurate source of information) has pretty good information on this particular item.  Here is the link:

Basically, it is high pressure, high quality oxygen.  We breathe 21 % Oxygen in the air.  In a Hyperbaric Chamber the oxygen level is 95% with 4 psi of pressure.  It has been shown to help with various areas of healing including the brain.  We have seen some improvement in her contractions.  Her knees have been locked tight and it takes quite a bit of energy to loosen the grip of the  bear trap’.  Over the past two days we have seen some voluntary relaxation of the thighs.  She is getting better at relaxing her legs.

We will have more updates soon.  Work begins on rearranging the house for Rachael’s return sometime in June.

Keep praying for continued healing, her legs and her eyes.  She says that she sees light but we are not sure if she sees anything else.


Tom Phillips said...

Great report. All pf you continue to be great example of God's unfailing

Julie Prenatt said...

Hi Rachael, glad to hear that your recovery is going good. God is doing great works in your life. God is also doing great work in my life too. We sold the house here in Port Charlotte, and God has given us a great opportunity in Tampa. You and your family have a great place in my heart. I wish you and your family the best. Talk to you soon.

Love, Julie

Andrea said...

Wow, that's great! What amazing improvements.

Lisa Miller said...

Good morning Rachael,

School is almost over for this year. Only 24 days left. The busy season for tourists is slowing down also for the summer again.
I want you to know that Samantha sleeps with the blanket you made for her for her baby shower almost eleven years ago. When she hugs it, it is like she is hugging you she says. I want you to know that we are all hugging you in our thoughts.
You are on my mind every morning, every afternoon, and every evening and in prayer for you. I love you very much and so does Uncle Dan, Sierra,Alex, and Kyle.
Keep up the fantastic improvement and show the world how Great Our God Is!!!!!!!
Love Aunt Lisa

Beth said...

Hi Rachael, COFFEE!!! Lattes are better and if you need a special delivery I'm your girl. My time in the Cafe is short; the Bible says there is a time and season for all things under heaven, so it is time to give another the opportunity to serve as Cafe manager. Hopefully I will be allowed to "service" the espresso machine once in a while. Cameron McGough, Jeff and I are starting a youth mentoring mentoring ministry and will be hosting a training the 14th of May. I am also praying about becoming the resource teacher at CCSchool in the Fall, crazy huh??! I am so encouraged how God continues to answer prayers on our behalf for your recovery. So many prayers! So many more praises!! You are a princess of the Most High God, blessed and loved!!!

Darin said...

This was absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful idea to be able celebrate this resurection day together as a family. Gods RICHEST BLESSINGS to you and your family!