Saturday, April 16, 2011


Rachael Hinkle is a lefty, a south paw, left handed.  Since the accident, there has only been one time that we saw activity from her left arm.  Her left arm has been limp since then.  Until today that is.  Today Rachael began to move her left arm on command. It is much weaker than her right arm but is proof that she continues to heal.  I noticed it today when I was moving her arm to adjust her position.  I saw movement when I laid it onto the bed.  Also noted was that her wrist was up and has been completely relaxed for all these months.  I asked her to move it several times and she did, lifting it up a bit.  So we have another big stitch, voluntary movement of the left arm.

Please pray for her peace of mind and rest.  Rachael is moving up the Ranchos scale and the next level is frustration and anger along with a focus on basic needs being met.  Like a child, someone at this level will cry out for their needs.  She is getting much more vocal.  She is also getting frustrated.

With that said, she is also laughing at general talk in the room and speaking several words, though not clearly, she is doing her best.  One CNA is practicing I Love You with her.  She is a great CNA and I have not spoken to her for permission to offer her name online but when I do I will share with you how compassionate she is.

We noticed this week that Rachael has better tongue control, lip movement and deeper vocal sounds.  Her voice is getting stronger.  She is off the Foley and has been doing things on her own in that regard.  That is a big deal as well.

Ok, that is it.  Nancy and Hanna are home today taking care of household things, spending time together and making cookies for the staff.  She is bringing my video camera so that we can shoot some vid of Rachael moving her left arm.

There is a patient here, let us call her Miss A. Miss A is confused about things as she has lived a long time.  Hanna visits her (and others here as well) and enjoys her conversations.  Miss A now knows Hanna and speaks of her.  Well the other day, Hanna asked Miss A if she knew the Lord Jesus.  Miss A replied that she did and quoted scripture to Hanna.  Hanna rocks.  She visits with patients and staff and chooses to come here.  She learned to sew last week and is making Miss A a pillow.  She is very helpful with Rachael's needs and is involved with her daily support.  The Lord is carving a grand Godly character in Hanna through this experience.

Ok, gotta go.  Our God is incredible and we are so excited to see what he is going to do next.

To God Be The Glory!!!


Cameron said...

Big time, "To God be the glory!". This awesome! Keep pressing in to the Lord Rachael and do it all for His glory and in His strength! I'm (the whole family is!) praying for you!!!

Sue said...

AMEN~!...I've been away for a while so just now catching up on posts....Ohhhh WOW...what miracles we are seeing here....

God is sooo Great...praying for continued healing ....

Love, Sue

Christine said...

so cool!

Cynthia said...

SO Wonderful. God is good.

crystal said...

hannah is so cool!!!!
i want to be your friend!!!

love you rachael!!!
praying for you. rest rest rest!!

Sharron May said...

I too am left handed. I think that is fortunate for you Rachel Lefties have used both sides of your brain. Maybe this will be a great blessing for you. May you and your family have a very Blessed ressurection day. I am so happy you are progressing so well.